Science Rock Cycle 50-100 words

A rock can start off in any part of the rock cycle. It can start off as an Igneous rock a Metamorphic rock or a Sedimentary rock.

The rock cycle has 7 stages. They are weathering, erosion, deposition, burial, deformation, melting and uplift. It takes millions of years for a rock to form.


2nd Essay Railway Children 1-5

The Railway Children starts off in there big beautiful house in London with a heaping pile of toys and a kind loving mother and father and servants with fun attitudes that don’t mind when the kids interrupt there duties.

But it all changes when there father is taken away. Their mother is also very depressed about the strange departure of their beloved father. While their father is gone their mother is always out and never home until late at night. The servants are taken away and there aunt Emma takes care of the children. They did not like her nearly as much as their mother. Then one night night their mother comes home one night tired and depressed and tells the children that they will be moving to a house far away into the country and that they have to behave. The children promise that they will be good and not fight.

The children are awoken a soggy and cold morning tired and shivering we are here said their mother. When they reach the new house they here squeaking and shuffling from in the walls and find out there are rats in the house. As they explore the house they find it very strange with kettle and cookery on the floor in almost every room. They have a happy and fun dinner though because aunt Emma packed some food for them before they left. The next morning was sunny and bright the children decided to make a surprise for their mother by cleaning up the house. They saw what horrible living conditions the lady that lived in the house before them have to live with there was flowers in the walls with vines and bushes. They couldn’t do much but they did what they could as they started looking for the garden they saw a railway down below and went to take a look.

History Tower of Babel (What did you say)

Come on move that 10 ton brick move it move it! The work day is almost over come on move it! Yelled the General in charge. Man, this has been a long day I thought, I can’t wait to go to sleep…. Well thank God for getting that day over with, tomorrow will be no different but I have the time to sleep right now I said aloud. I awoke to the sound of strange yelling and strange words and I said whats going on. People were running in fright as if they had seen a giant wave again but they were not at the tower they were still on the ground. I thought why are they in terror I see no terror, but then I noticed through all the chaos that I was speaking differently and that all the people were speaking differently. I could understand my self as if I have known this weird language all my life but I couldn’t remember the other language that I had spoken before. I searched the chaotic crowds for some one that spoke my language or the old language, just anyone that I could under stand or that could under stand me. After hours of searching I had found a group that I could understand and that could under stand me and we left the tower and settled in a different area far away from the tower. And we thrived and became a civilization of many cultures.

first essay (Pit bulls are sweet)

I have a dog named Petey. He is a Pit bull. He was found on the streets and given to an animal shelter called Unleashed . My sister Kelly fostered him and gave him to us . Every day since he has been the light of our lives. Everyone calls him vicious just because he is a Pit bull. Most of the people that make these statements have not even met Petey. He is a sweet, caring, loving, playful dog that wouldn’t harm any human.