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My favorite time of year.

My favorite time of year is November – December. I like November because my birthday is on November 3rd and its Halloween month thats really it for the reason I like November. But December is where its at. The reason l like December is because of, Christmas, Christmas carols, snow, the Christmas trees and there decorations, friends and family, huge meals, and NO SCHOOL!!!! I love the snow, the songs, and Santa the most though. The snow is super fun and instead of playing video games (my favorite hobby), I demand to go out side and play in the snow. The songs are fun just because there REALY catchy and fun. Just waiting for Santa is a treat on Christmas eve.

And that is my favorite time of the year.


Ancient Egypt (afterlife)

Back in the day, Egypt was one of the most diverse and wondrous cultures of them all. Their religion is the main reason for all of there amazing architecture and culture. Egypt being one of the most famous ancient civilizations to this very day was a culture based on there belief of death. To them death was as beautiful as a cut diamond. Their vision of death was the start of your new life were you would journey to a far away place called the afterlife.

To start your journey to the afterlife is actually kind of a disgusting process, but to the ancient Egyptians this was tradition. This process is called mummification. First your brain would be removed through your nose (“I know gross right”) they did not think the brain was important so they removed it. Next they would take out your internal organs and store them in separate jars. Then your body was covered in natron powder to remove moisture. Then finally linen bandages were wrapped around your body and coverd in resin. They would give you gifts such as jewels and other things for the afterlife and wrap them in your mummified body with you. These were things that they thought would help you in the afterlife. Then you were put in a coffin and buried in a tomb. This was a special process only used for pharos if you were anything less you wouldn’t receive as big of a process as that.

That concludes my essay on ancient Egypt.

My life (4 years old to 11 years old)

I was 4 on my first day of school. Not knowing what to expect, I walked into a place called Brookridge day school, not knowing this was going to be my best and most favorite school of my childhood life. I walked in to a classroom full of kids using and playing with toys, having a good time. As I walked in, I saw a nice teacher walk up to me and showed me around the school. Her name was Mrs. Brown. She was one of the nicest, and still is, on my record the nicest principle I have ever known.

As l played in the class room on my 3rd day of school, I heard a kid crying as he walked in the door. It was apparently his first day. He kept crying, his mom behind him, and teachers surrounding him. When he finally calmed down, I noticed he was alone, just siting there . So l went up to him and asked “do you want to play with me” . He said in kind of a relieved voice “sure”. I figured out that his name was Darren during the time. I didn’t know at the time but he would be my best friend for years to come (still is my best friend to this day).

As I moved up more and more grades, I started to make more and more friends. Despite my anger issues, I made more and more friends (but Darren was still the best). One of my newest friends was a girl named Shea. She was a close friend of mine, but sadly at the end of the year she left for a new school.

It was finally time to move to 2nd grade. I had a few issues in 2nd grade. Some anger issues, to be exact. All the time I was going to the principles for a lot of things, crying, screaming, tantrums, and other things. One of the main reasons Mrs.Brown was a great principal was because all that time in the principles office really paid off. She helped me get over my anger issues.

One day in 2nd grade was a life changing moment, mostly a bad moment. In the last bit of the school day, Darren had some news, some horrible news. He said to me, “Garrett I am going to be leaving to a place called Taiwan”.  There was a pause, then I said” were is Taiwan?”  “Around China “, said Darren.   in shock, I asked “will I ever see you again?”.   “in 3 years, but we still have till the end of the year” he said.  I enjoyed my last bit of time with him and he was gone.

Finally 4th grade, and a new school. As I walked into a new school and a new class with new teachers, students, everything, it was the first day of 4th grade. I didn’t know that when I walked in I would meet a old friend and the newest, nicest and funniest teacher of my life. As I walked into the classroom, I met a lot of new students and a new teacher, Miss Fryer.   l had a good feeling about this year, a great feeling  indeed. I sat down at my desk and noticed a girl waving at me.  She looked familiar but I just couldn’t  put my finger on it… SHEA!! I couldn’t believe it, it was Shea ,my old friend from Brookridge. The rest of the year went great.   New friends, greatest teacher, it was awesome.

5th grade, not so much. It was probably the worst year ever. And it was all because of one teacher, Mrs.Dahlstrum. She was mean and nobody liked her, but no one disliked her more than me. She was my worst nightmare and taught my least favorite subject, math.

6th grade is here. I am sitting at the computer about to finish my essay for the week. I never guessed I would  be home schooled.   But you never know, life is full of surprises and mystery.

History (My favorite part of the world tour)

My favorite part of the world tour was probably Ancient Africa. They had many diverse cultures and all sorts of places to see and go. You would think that they would be a very popular and known ancient civilization but they were not witch I don’t really under stand but let me show you why they are my favorite part of the world tour.

They had a lot of different geographical features like the Nile River, Lake Victoria, Sahara Desert, all sorts of Mountain Ranges, Rain Forests and Safaris. And they Have lots of Different Civilizations such as Egypt, the Nubians, the land of Cush, Ethiopia, Sudan, Nok, Bantu and Pygmy tribes and the Kalahari Bushmen. Most of these we do not have record of today but we Know they exist.

Science (what I learned)

I learned about minerals and rock types and how they are extracted. I also learned about Mineral classes and how rocks are formed. First I started with the rock cycle. A rock goes through each of these steps weathering, erosion, deposition, burial, metamorphism, melting, and uplift and then it goes around again. During the rock cycle the rock is classified by which step it is on in the rock cycle. It is classified in either Igneous, Sedimentary, or Metamorphic rock.

Igneous rock- formed through cooling and solidification of magma or lava.

Sedimentary rock- formed by deposition of either the weathered remains of other rock, the results of biological activity, or precipitation from solution.

Metamorphic rock- consists of pre existing rock mass in which new minerals or texture are formed at higher temperatures and greater pressures than those present on Earths surface.

You can tell what type of mineral you you are looking at by its color, streak, luster, external crystal form, cleavage, fracture, and density.

You can extract a mineral by mining under ground, above ground mining, or placer mining.


English (my Summer vacation)

This summer I went to a place called Oshkosh. There was a huge air show there it was done by the EAA Experimental Aircraft Association. It is the biggest air show in the world with over 10000 planes were there. The whole air show is one week long you still won’t be able to see all the planes there is miles and miles of planes. Me and my dad stay in a tent (tip don’t bring a tent) we are going to bring an RV next year.  It was super fun and were defiantly going next year. I also got 3 t-shirts and other souvenirs.

History (God’s Revelation)

You can see Gods Revelation through the animals and plants and beauty of the earth. You can also see Gods Revelation through human being sense they were made in gods image. The other tribes and cities didn’t believe in the kingdom of god or god period they made up there own gods for each and every specific thing like the sun god, war god, tree god, etc… I don’t believe in either more than one or one god I really just don’t believe in god.