Ancient Egypt (afterlife)

Back in the day, Egypt was one of the most diverse and wondrous cultures of them all. Their religion is the main reason for all of there amazing architecture and culture. Egypt being one of the most famous ancient civilizations to this very day was a culture based on there belief of death. To them death was as beautiful as a cut diamond. Their vision of death was the start of your new life were you would journey to a far away place called the afterlife.

To start your journey to the afterlife is actually kind of a disgusting process, but to the ancient Egyptians this was tradition. This process is called mummification. First your brain would be removed through your nose (“I know gross right”) they did not think the brain was important so they removed it. Next they would take out your internal organs and store them in separate jars. Then your body was covered in natron powder to remove moisture. Then finally linen bandages were wrapped around your body and coverd in resin. They would give you gifts such as jewels and other things for the afterlife and wrap them in your mummified body with you. These were things that they thought would help you in the afterlife. Then you were put in a coffin and buried in a tomb. This was a special process only used for pharos if you were anything less you wouldn’t receive as big of a process as that.

That concludes my essay on ancient Egypt.


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