My life (4 years old to 11 years old)

I was 4 on my first day of school. Not knowing what to expect, I walked into a place called Brookridge day school, not knowing this was going to be my best and most favorite school of my childhood life. I walked in to a classroom full of kids using and playing with toys, having a good time. As I walked in, I saw a nice teacher walk up to me and showed me around the school. Her name was Mrs. Brown. She was one of the nicest, and still is, on my record the nicest principle I have ever known.

As l played in the class room on my 3rd day of school, I heard a kid crying as he walked in the door. It was apparently his first day. He kept crying, his mom behind him, and teachers surrounding him. When he finally calmed down, I noticed he was alone, just siting there . So l went up to him and asked “do you want to play with me” . He said in kind of a relieved voice “sure”. I figured out that his name was Darren during the time. I didn’t know at the time but he would be my best friend for years to come (still is my best friend to this day).

As I moved up more and more grades, I started to make more and more friends. Despite my anger issues, I made more and more friends (but Darren was still the best). One of my newest friends was a girl named Shea. She was a close friend of mine, but sadly at the end of the year she left for a new school.

It was finally time to move to 2nd grade. I had a few issues in 2nd grade. Some anger issues, to be exact. All the time I was going to the principles for a lot of things, crying, screaming, tantrums, and other things. One of the main reasons Mrs.Brown was a great principal was because all that time in the principles office really paid off. She helped me get over my anger issues.

One day in 2nd grade was a life changing moment, mostly a bad moment. In the last bit of the school day, Darren had some news, some horrible news. He said to me, “Garrett I am going to be leaving to a place called Taiwan”.  There was a pause, then I said” were is Taiwan?”  “Around China “, said Darren.   in shock, I asked “will I ever see you again?”.   “in 3 years, but we still have till the end of the year” he said.  I enjoyed my last bit of time with him and he was gone.

Finally 4th grade, and a new school. As I walked into a new school and a new class with new teachers, students, everything, it was the first day of 4th grade. I didn’t know that when I walked in I would meet a old friend and the newest, nicest and funniest teacher of my life. As I walked into the classroom, I met a lot of new students and a new teacher, Miss Fryer.   l had a good feeling about this year, a great feeling  indeed. I sat down at my desk and noticed a girl waving at me.  She looked familiar but I just couldn’t  put my finger on it… SHEA!! I couldn’t believe it, it was Shea ,my old friend from Brookridge. The rest of the year went great.   New friends, greatest teacher, it was awesome.

5th grade, not so much. It was probably the worst year ever. And it was all because of one teacher, Mrs.Dahlstrum. She was mean and nobody liked her, but no one disliked her more than me. She was my worst nightmare and taught my least favorite subject, math.

6th grade is here. I am sitting at the computer about to finish my essay for the week. I never guessed I would  be home schooled.   But you never know, life is full of surprises and mystery.


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